Latte Art Robot Barista Embedded Workstation

MOCA series latte art robot barista embedded workstation is designed for coffee shop application scenario. It is most like the hand helper of coffee owner, which can do latte art just like the real barista. The robot arm can imitate the moves of barista, making two patterns of multiple layer heart and tulip.

  • Series: MOCA
  • Model No.: MCF041A
  • Product Detail


    Parameters of Robot barista coffee kiosk MCF021A

    Voltage  220V 1AC 50Hz/60Hz
    Power installed  6 Kw
    Dimension (WxHxD)  1600x900x700mm
    Weight  400kg
    Application environment  Indoor
    Average drink making time  110 seconds
    Cup size  12oz
    Ordering method  Touch screen ordering

    Functions of Robot barista embedded workstation MCF041A

    • Touch screen ordering

    • Coffee making operated by collaborative robot arm automatically

    • Latte art making

    • Material supplement reminder


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